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A gentle reminder…!

Riding // Tour of Flanders Sportive

In August this year myself and my wife bought a couple of road bikes, living in Lincolnshire means there isn’t a huge amount of trail riding to be done so we figured it would be a great way to ride a bit more without having to drive to the trails all the time. It’s actually turned out to be really enjoyable! So much so I, along with a group of friends, have entered the Tour Of Flanders (Belgium) sportive of 133km in April ‘14! So this means I really need to start training properly! What started out as just getting fit to ride my MTB’s quicker has turned into a hobby of its own! But they are both great for one another! I’m aiming to start updating this a bit more with my training plans and progress as I find it helps writing things down!

The training has started already but I’ve hit one stumbling block already in that my knee has started to develop a pain on the front knee cap. I’m still riding in my MTB spd’s and five ten shoes and I’m convinced it’s mostly cleat position related, I’ve adjusted the position and it’s helped so first on the list is a set of road shoes and pedals then most importantly a bike fit. This is booked in for 4th January at a local specialist and the geek in me is really excited by it!

"It is important for your bike to fit properly to achieve your optimum performance. the best, most expensive cycle will not achieve results if the ‘fit’ is wrong. Everyone is an individual, therefore the process of bike fitting is individual to your specific dimensions and cycling needs. The wrong fit of a bike can be uncomfortable and at worst cause injury. Making a bike fit involves adjustment to saddle height, stem length and shoe and cleat alignment, this is dependant upon the biomechanics of your body."

I should update the blog after it’s done with my results!

Happy Christmas and I hope you all have a fantastic 2014!

Brilliant night last night at @stevepeat ‘s premiere of ‘Won’t Back Down’. An incredible film, plenty of goosebump moments and pure joy! JMC’s section was such a nice touch, he was one of my first proper hero’s and I’m sure many others! The battles with Nico were heart wrenching but then watching his footage from winning the worlds in ‘09 was fantastic! Such a great film that you need to watch when it’s out!

Riding // Snow Summit and Mammoth Mountain.

I’ve not long returned from a trip to California hitting up Big Bear (Snow Summit) and Mammoth Mountain. Pretty rad trip! This was out 9th trip to the states but first time riding, very different ‘dirt’ then Europe! Can’t wait to go back!

Riding // Morzine and the Portes Du Soleil.

Back from a superb week away riding in Morzine and the Portes Du Soleil region. We met a great bunch of people, ate some great food and the riding was insane! Can’t wait to go back!

Riding // Morzine

Only 2 more sleeps to go and I’ll be back in Morzine for the Portes Du Soleil!

Lifestyle // Vintage Path Racer Project

Another project of mine was building a vintage path racer, inspired by early 1900’s board tracker motorcycle’s such as the Emblem and path racer’s from the 1930’s. ‘Path’ is the old Victorian/Edwardian word for track so essentially these bikes were the equivalent of the modern day velodrome bikes. 

Starting with a vintage Raleigh Tourist purchased off eBay, I used a mixture of new and original 30’s and 50’s parts to build my own racer. Although original path racers would have ran a fixed gear I decided to run a new Sturmey Archer 2 speed coaster brake hub. It still retains the look and feel of a original racer but I have 2 gears and a brake for modern day use on the roads! My wife own’s a Pashley Poppy so it’s great to go cruising into town and grab a bite to eat and a coffee by the wharf. 

Video // How to..

Now this is how you fit your bike to your roof mounted bike rack! Peter Sagan show’s us how!

Lifestyle // Seasons

A beautiful morning in the woods, photographed in the winter, it’s now officially summer…

Automotive // 1959 VW Beetle Racecar - Vintage Air

Blood, sweat and tears! 3 years it took me to build our (myself and my wife’s) racecar. I started with a rusty UK 1959 VW Beetle and built it into a show winning and championship winning racecar with the help of some super talented craftsmen. 

Powered by a 2332cc normally aspirated VW engine we ran a best time over the 1/4 mile of 11.21 seconds at 123mph. Multiple magazine features and front covers, show wins across Europe and a UK Comp Eliminator Championship. It now resides in New Zealand after we recently sold it.